At Alien6 Consulting, we step in at every stage of digital projects to support IT Departments in drawing up their Operating Model and implementing their Continuous Improvement Plan.

IT Assessment

At this stage, we run 360° assessments to help you evaluating both maturity and adaptability of your IT Department in realizing any strategic repositioning. Leveraging on our experience, with focus on the state-of-the-art, we also benchmark the most relevant products and technologies to execute your IT plans.

Program Definition

During Program Definition, we help you to break down and convert agreed IT roadmaps into some realistic action plans. We can also intervene in defining best practices and KPIs for further follow-up.

Initial Engagement

At initial engagement, we can support you in conducting the Rfi/Rfp processes and evaluating responses, to add new services to the Service Catalog or failing that, contributing in setting up a service catalog.


With focus on Integration, we assist IT Departments in defining and documenting IS architectures on both Application and Data Layers. We write technical blueprints, we size new services, we map systems and may assist, for instance, in implementing containerized software factories.

Our core values

  • Ethics

  • Creativity

  • Experience

  • Pragmatism

At Alien6 Interactive we imagine, design and implement custom web and mobile applications, web scrapers and chatbots while opening our Labs to our premium customers in order to evaluate new technologies.

Created with Snap


To build SMART Microservices with , we employ the following technology stacks:
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rancher: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Elastic: Logstash, Elastic, Kibana, Beats
  • Apache Spark
  • JHipster: Yeoman, Spring boot, Angular

Reverse Proxy

Nginx works as a reverse proxy to handle requests depending on the URL
location / { proxy_pass http://index; }
location /api { proxy_pass http://api; };

Rancher Stacks

Rancher helps us to run and manage containerized clusters in production. It provides infrastructure services such as multi-host networking, load balancing, and volume snapshots.

Docker Registry

Our self-hosted registry is a stateless, highly scalable server side application that stores and lets us distribute custom Docker images.


Smart Microservices can access to a built-in datalake that we manage with an ELK Stack.