Connected Beauty

Implementing a platform to integrate mobile and IoT applications

How did Alien6 design and prototype a highly scalable platform which helps to integrate and deploy mobile applications and IoT solutions dedicated to the connected beauty at scale to meet the requirements of Asian (China, South Korea, Japan), European and North American markets.

  • Architecture
  • DevOps
  • mBaaS
  • IoT
  • Cosmetic
  • 2019-2020
Duration (CAPEX)
  • 6 months

Our Mission

To industrialize the deployment of several conclusive IoT experiments, the Connected Beauty team requested Alien6 to design a scalable and adaptive architecture. That architecture aimed to structure developments between decentralized organizations around a common framework combining libraries, tools, services and best practices. That was independent of the nature of the backend services (SAP, Salesforce, …) and the types of mobile terminals or connected objects deployed.

This solution helps to guarantee the compliance of all applications with security policies and data protection rules established at both corporate and subsidiaries (Russia, China) levels.

When a digital project succeeds in pilot stores, such as the “ShadeFinder®” project, the biggest challenge is to extend it worldwide to more than 10,000 stores to accelerate its implementation and benefit market dynamics. Alien6’s expertise has made it possible to design a new solid and efficient architecture (+ 1 million requests per day) and anticipate the requirements of emerging Asian countries in terms of new digital and international projects.

The excellence of Alien6’s proposal is that they understood from the outset the challenges of a group such as ours to help us build a global, decentralized, replicable, scalable, secure architecture. These elements subsequently became best practices for the group.

Alien6 has distinguished itself by its expertise and capability to offer sustainable solutions in the new digital era.

Connected Beauty Director - Platform & New Challenges

The customer

Pure Player and Leader in Beauty, this century-old and international group in the cosmetics industry relies on the excellence of its employees and partners to satisfy the plurality of needs and aspirations of each in terms of Beauty. In a process of continuous improvement, the Research & Innovation teams strive to be able to offer everyone, always a beauty more inclusive and personalized based on ever more precise use of data, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

Requirements & Constraints


At peak load, the solution must absorb tens of millions of calls a day to satisfy the Chinese market requirements,

Security et Compliance

The solution must secure data exchanges and data at rest. Depending on regulators, processing cannot be carried out and data can only be stored in the country where the application has been deployed.

Agnocity and Genericity

The solution must facilitate the deployment of heterogeneous applications and essentially define and control their implementation without slowing down the built or delaying time-to-market.

Added Value

The solution must offer core features that facilitate the implementation and enrich the value proposition - libraries, data repositories, authentication, reporting, etc.


Beauty Advisors

Using tablets, Beauty Advisors can recommend products, manage connected objects localized in stores where they operate, and securely access customers' data.


Live, on augmented applications, consumers can try or purchase new products.


An augmented and customized experience

Beauty is connected: some recommendations can rely on Machine Learning algorithms to make tailor-made products on-demand. We have improved the customers’ experience and tailored the Global Shoppers’ one.

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